Building our Defenses and Curing the Sore Ear!

These past 2 weeks my family has been fighting a nasty bug... bronchitis, ear infections, and everything that goes with it. It has been a hard 2 weeks but I have learned a lot through it all. Thanks to my new friend Janet, at church, and my dear friend Shawn, I feel more empowered in how to take care of my children with out using antibiotics.Both of these friends told me they use garlic oil [...]

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This weekend was amazing...Isaac completely redid our old "theatre room" into acraft, sewing, reading roomfor his wife (ME)!I am so overwhelmed with gratitude and shock really.Now we have a place for projects that is out of the way!Look at all he did!Thank you honey!I Love you!I'll post "after" pictures once I am done adding my feminine touch!Which may be next fall since it is green thumb season!

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Smashing Hit

"Rejected No More" was a smashing hit! I ended up taking the girls on the outing to see the play. We enjoyed the entertainment as well as the message that was so respectfully depicted of Ruth in the Bible. God Bless you Barclay family and all who participated in bringing this blessing to us! Can't wait to see what is in store for next year!

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Rejected No More

When: March 26- April 4Where: Mt. Hood Community College TheatreTo Learn more and buy tickets go here.A wonderful chance to take your kids to a play written, choreographed, and acted out by people from our church. Last year went to see Chosen Destiny, a play put on by the same group, a play about the story of Esther. This years production is about the story of Ruth. This year Isaac is taking the girls on [...]

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Juicing, Exercising and Getting Healthy

Over the years as I have had babies I have had many problems with my back. Most of you know how I had a herniated bulging disc in my back while I was pregnant with Luke. While my morning sickness was the cause of the disc issues in my back. I have had back problems for years (since a car accident I was in during my high school years). After the delivery of Luke I [...]

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Prayers for a Spiritually Sleeping Country

We have been so blessed with Isaac's work to be treated to great trips all over the world. Monday we came home from Prague, Czech Republic. While much of what we saw seemed surreal (the architecture, historical buildings and landmarks) there was an overwhelming sense of emptiness. Before leaving for our trip I took a few weeks to study up a little on the Czech Republic, the history, the people, their religious history. Wow! I [...]

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Reflections on Blogging

Since the beginning of the new year I have struggled to determine what my goal would be with my blog this year. There were a few months last year where I was really applying time and energy into every post. I was anxious to see who would respond and how I could "impact" the world with the luxury of not leaving my front door. I was reading and sharing my thoughts, putting myself out there [...]

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Another Day in Prague!

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Hello From Prague!

We arrived in Prague two days ago....We have enjoyed seeing Prague Castle, Monastery, Astrological Clock, local food and so much more!

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