The Legacy of Worship

The love of music is a legacy I am So thankful for. Music is the rhythm of the soul, it can change the atmosphere in the home in seconds. Worshipful music can take a crabby, tired mama and transform her into a joyful, gentle mother who delights in her children and has their hearts. God made us to worship Him and He blesses us when we do. I love Music, don’t you?  I love having [...]

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“But Crafts are So Messy”

Your child comes up to you with that look... they want something... but they think you might say no... "Mom, can I do a craft?" You reply in your mind, "But Crafts are So Messy!!!" A host of other excuses come into your mind... they take time... and you and I both know who really does the craft... right(well depending on the age)... I don't know what to have you do... What do you do?  [...]

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The Story Behind Leaving a Legacy

Where did the Vision come from? It is a Gift given by God~  He opened my Eyes when I received Him into my heart years ago~ this journey I have been so blessed to be on~ of really realizing my sin and need for a Savior~ I don't even want to imagine what my life would look like without Christ~ It certainly would look nothing like it does~ This Vision isn't my own~ It's God's [...]

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Leaving A Legacy~ The Vision

~The Vision Behind Leaving a Legacy~ The First Vision of Leaving a Legacy is Marriage. We are all unique people and given different callings in life.  A passion of mine is to minister to wives that are married to entrepreneurs and leaders in their business, communities, churches, and homes.   Over the years Isaac and I have watched many marriages fail, fail to save businesses and businesses fail to save marriages, and it doesn't have to [...]

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What do your Children see?

This concept "What do your children see" can be applied to so many areas of our lives. Today I want to apply to Marriage. What do your children see?  Or better yet, ask yourself this question... What will my children remember as adults when they look back on their childhood? Everyone does it... everyone looks back on how they were raised and with memories of how their parents were "so in love" or "not." what [...]

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"As is the Mother, so is the Daughter." Ezekiel 16:44 Wow!  Talk about responsibility right!  If we weren't feeling the pressure before-man! Being a Mother is such a great privilege, but also such a huge awesome responsibility!   So many days I feel the weight of it, and feel like I don't measure up.  Am I doing all I should with my kids?  Am I preparing my children for the purposes God's made them for? [...]

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Leaving a Legacy of Biblical Friendship:Part 2

Do your children see you burdened with stress and anxiety?  When you have a problem and you need help from another person, are you able to share your burdens with a friend, a brother or sister in Christ? Or do they see you allowing the Body of Christ to fulfill its purpose here on earth, through ministering to you?   What do your kids see?   Our kids watch us don’t they? I am convicted [...]

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The Legacy of Biblical Friendship

Teaching our Children to be Godly Friends The Legacy of Biblical Friendship: Part 1 Where do our children learn how to be a friend?  The kind of friend God calls us all to be? They learn from having friends, experience right?   They also learn from our teaching and what we model as a friend. I have a friend who almost every time I see her she brings some kind of gift (like a gift of [...]

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The Legacy of Reliance

Casting Our Burdens “When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul.” Psalm 94:19 What do you do?  When the cares of your heart are drowning you, and you feel like you are suffocating because of pressure and stress.  Are you able to give them to God, cast your burdens on him? Are His Words in scripture able to help you let go and move on, on purpose whole and healthy, [...]

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More than Jelly

This past week we harvested around 70 lbs of Concord Grapes from one of my plants that grows around this picket fence surrounding my garden. We were able to make Juice Concentrate for the freezer and TONS of Grape Jelly. At the end of the day after everyone had an opportunity to either remove the grapes, smash them, stir them, strain them, or help with making the jelly... then the whole canning process.  It was [...]

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