A Messianic Passover

 I am excited to share a glimpse into one of our family traditions, a Messianic Passover! Every year we seem to add new traditions or mix up what we teach on... usually our meals and teaching, worship and prayers all take about 3 hours and the preparation is about 5 hours of cooking and 3-4 hours of scripture prep. You can make this more or less involved depending on the ages of your children and [...]

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Interview with an Occult Convert

Since my last post on the Occult and Halloween I have had a lot of very supportive responses. Our long time friends who live up north sent me this very interesting and eye opening interview. Katie is a like minded sister in the Lord, and along with a friend, she interviewed a woman named Sandi who had been a member of the occult for 29 years and came to know Jesus just 3 years ago [...]

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Engaging but Not Encouraging Halloween

Beautiful fall with all its glory. Wonderful bounty, plentiful harvest, and Halloween. Do you ever feel like Halloween ruins it? When I was a young mom, I struggled so much with how to handle Halloween. We were teaching our daughter to love Jesus, to walk in purity, turn from sin, and to also be a LIGHT in the darkness. But where is the fine line for Christians on how to handle Halloween? I used to be [...]

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Using the Easter Egg to Teach About Christ

Do you dye easter eggs or not? Just as my husband and I had waded through what the Lord would have for us to teach our children and model for them regarding Halloween, which I write about here, we have also considered Easter, Christmas, and other holidays. At first I found myself looking for ways to justify doing traditions such as dying eggs with my kids because I loved doing it when I was little. I figured, I [...]

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Our 2nd Last Supper

  Last year we celebrated Maunday Thursday by having a Passover Meal together. It was such an awesome time of reflection and really helped to make the crucifixion real to the kids so we decided to make it a tradition.  Our 2nd Year Passover Menu: Unleavened Tortillas Grapes Potatoe Latkes Garlic & Onion Baked Tilipia Charoset Recipe for Charoset: 3 med. sweet apples grated 1/2 cup chopped walnuts 1/4 cup grape juice or red sweet [...]