Even Leaders Need Encouragement | Please Pray

Even Leaders Need Encouragement Even those you think are strong have moments of weakness. Even those you think of as leaders need encouragement. And they especially need your prayers, because the ENEMY would love nothing other than to destroy any good fruit that is in their life. To discourage them and bring them down. I don't know how many of you know one particular part of my story. I haven't written about it, but those [...]

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Thriving Marriages Choose Growth

Two things I want you to take from here today: 1.) Free Handouts to use as a tool to engage your marriage as a team and create your mission/vision statements and objectives. {Click to Tweet} We are offering some of the exercises we use in our marriage seminars for couples to use as they continually dream together, evaluate where they are individually and as a marriage team.  2.) Thriving, not surviving, but thriving marriages, choose [...]

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The Dashboard | The Side of Having a Website You Don’t Always See

Aren't we all a work in progress? I sure am. And so is my site as you can see. This is the first article I have written since I changed my theme. Which is one of the reasons why you haven't heard from me. I have to apologize, because this blog post is not going to be like any other I have written. This is a journal entry. So if you are a faithful reader, [...]

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Redeeming Halloween | FREE Candy Scripture Printable

This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24 Redeeming Halloween This month we have discussed a lot about  this hot topic Christ followers face as parents. Do we or do we not participate? How much is ok? How does the history of October 31st impact what we do today? Candy, costumes, pumpkins, parties, and on and on. This topic has even been stimulating topics on [...]

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Dr. Mom’s Homeopathic Medicines

Homeopathics and I have a love/hate relationship. Let me explain what I mean. I love homeopathy. It is AMAZING. 100% recommend it. However, because it works so well, it can further embed this "pop a pill mentality" I am so against... down to the very fiber of my being. No kidding, diet fades... um ya... I laugh at those. Never done one, never will. So this is part of where the "hate" aspects comes in. [...]

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Mommy Jammies Night | Giveaway

Hi Friends, We will be continuing our series on "What's in Dr. Mom's Medicine Cabinet?" at the end of this week... so don't worry! I know many of you are really looking forward to the post and I am working on them for you.  But tonight, I wanted to send out an invite to join me LIVE on Mommy Jammies Night hosted by Felice Gerwitz of Media Angels and The Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network. Info [...]

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What’s in Dr. Mom’s Medicine Cabinet?

What's in Mom's Medicine Cabinet this Fall? A few weeks ago I was doing an inventory of my medicine cabinet, organizing with my daughter, and teaching her more about homeopathy and herbal tinctures. It dawned on me, how I wish someone would have taught me before I was a mom. I could have avoided MANY doctor visits as a young mom, as well as using over the counter medicines every time there was a fever [...]

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Why I don’t blog about homeschooling?

Last month I received an email from a sweet sister in the Lord, asking me why I don't blog much about homeschooling. Her question was stated like this: Angie, I have been following your blog Leaving a Legacy for about a year now and really enjoy reading your posts. I know you just wrote a book and have been busy writing over there as well, but I was just wondering why you don't blog about [...]

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Thoughts after an 8 Week Sabbatical

As I sit here at my keyboard, my hands cover my eyes as I try desperately to focus my thoughts. Have you been there? Maybe not at a computer to write, but in a conversation with someone and they ask you... so how are you doing? Or what have you been learning? What has God been teaching you? And your response, you honest response could literally take you a whole day to explain. That is [...]

Courageous Fathers Who Resolve to Leave a Legacy

On this Father's Day I wanted to do something special for all the dads out there and to write a special message for you here at Leaving a Legacy. I am also very thankful to Eternal Perspectives Ministries for donating 2 sets of Courageous, the book, by Randy Alcorn and Resolution by Alcorn & Kendrick.  So two blessed winners will get both of these books {retail value of $30 each set} and you can enter [...]

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