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Purposeful Parenting #1

By |April 3rd, 2012|Blog, Child Training, Core Christian Parenting Fundamentals, Parenting|

Angie’s Journaling Thoughts                        Feb.10, 2012 Yesterday was a typical day at our house, aside from all the chores that go along with getting ready for a weekend trip with the family to the coast.  We still had our Thursday responsibilities of school work, cleaning, projects, organization chores, and practicing music in addition to meal planning, grocery shopping, loading and preparing the RV.  After getting through with the morning errands,(before the [...]

Parenting Our Children Pursposefully with the Future In Mind

By |February 8th, 2012|Blog, Child Training, Family Discipleship, Missions and Vision, Parenting|

As parents we all have the potential to hold on too tight.  Out of our great Love and Deep Concern for our children, we make choices in raising them, educating them, carefully "choosing their environments." One of the challenges I see all parents potentially struggle with, but maybe especially home schooling parents, is the temptation to hold on too tightly to our children.  I am not referring to the protection we are responsible for providing [...]

What’s God’s Purpose for Parenting?

By |January 14th, 2012|Blog, Missions and Vision|

If we really desire to be a "better parents" with a "better families" we need to look at life from God's perspective. Yes, God deeply loves and cares about our families. However, the end goal is not to produce amazing role-model kids, so others can put us on a pedestal. The goal is not for our families to "look good" or to impress others. The goal is far-more than just being happy. As Christian parents, [...]

Natural State of Marriage & Parenting~ Mediocrity

By |January 9th, 2012|Blog, Business, Marriage|

The natural state of marriage is mediocrity                   The natural state of parenting is mediocrity.   The wind blows strong against greatness which is why it takes cognitive, purposeful effort and leadership to have a great marriage and family. The natural tendency is to put tons of purposeful effort into our careers and leadership roles and over time less and less effort into our wives and children. There’s a quote that has always stuck [...]

Easter Parenting Resources

By |April 6th, 2010|Blog, Books, Family Discipleship, Holidays, Home School, Traditions|

There are so many fantastic resources available today for teaching children about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, can't it? I am going to share the majority of what we have been using over the years during Lent and Easter Season.  When intentionally striving to leave a legacy of faith and a deep understanding of Christ, His death, sacrifice, and resurrection, one way to really help impress the [...]

Parenting Conference Coming to Portland

By |February 28th, 2010|Blog, promotion events|

"Raising Kids to Do Hard Things"with Gregg HarrisPortland March 19-20Friday 7-9pmSaturday 9am-5pmWhere: The Portland Downtown Waterfront MarriottSpecial Room Rate: $99Make it a date night & discuss what you've learned!For more info and to register go to:www.DOHARDTHINGSTOGETHER.comIf you are not near Portland Gregg might be visiting a city near you. Check out the website for more details.Los Angeles*DOTHAN, AL *PORTLAND, OR *Chicago *St. Louis *Denver DALLAS * Atlanta *D.C. *Orlando Gregg Harris is the Father of [...]

Dating is a waste of time. Common Core is stupid. Sometimes you need to take your teenager’s phone.

By |May 16th, 2016|Blog, Marriage, Parenting, vlog'|

Here is Episode Four of our Family Youtube Vlog! In this episode, my husband Isaac is driving our oldest daughter to Teen Pact leadership camp. As parents, we always look forward to one on one time with our children. That is when some of the most meaningful conversations happen. They shared part of their car ride conversation which covers topics like perspectives on dating, what she thinks about the common core being incorporated in this year's [...]

Family of 9 Starts a Vlog

By |April 5th, 2016|Blog, Business, Home School, Leaving A Legacy, Parenting|

That's right, we have started a family VLOG! I am very excited to share with you about WHY we have started this family project. 1. It's our new family project (producers vs. consumers) Remember when my visionary husband, Isaac, had a BIG idea to plant a vineyard with our kids? Our oldest child was only a smidgen over seven years old, but he was determined to begin an adventure with the kids that would teach work ethic. [...]

Warning: Are Your Children More Important than Technology?

By |March 26th, 2016|Blog, Family Discipleship, Leaving A Legacy, Marriage, Motherhood, Parenting|

Laptops, cell phones, tablets, and computer screens have all improved our lives, right? Or maybe not. As a mom of seven, who has teenagers, as well as a baby, I've experienced what parenthood is like with and without technology. When I compare my mothering experience back then to how it is today, I see and experience a challenge today that was never an issue before. If you have teens now think back. Not everyone had a [...]

An Uncommon Way to Encourage a Friend Walking Through Crisis

By |February 26th, 2016|Blog, Faith, Friendship, Motherhood, Parenting, Prayer|

I got a text message from a friend the other night. “Pray for my daughter. We are headed to the ER.” What does one say? The obvious answer would be to pray. Immediately. Stop and pray! But what do you say, what do you do next? Sometimes, praying IS WHAT you do. Often times we downplay the power of prayer. Most Christ followers would say there is power in praying, that there is a purpose [...]