Baby Shower

Some friends from church put on a baby shower for me last night! Such a good time! Thank you Alice & Ginger!Here I am in my last month of pregnancy!I have been so blessed by friends at church. A few weeks ago my bible study group also gave me a baby shower! What a blessing!

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Time to Get Ready!

Now that Isaac is done with most of his traveling, it is time to start getting ready for the baby. Boy has this pregnancy flown by! With June quickly approaching (the month of birth), the kids are getting really excited! They went with me to my appointment yesterday and we took some great pictures of the kids playing with the baby models, listening to the baby's heart beat, and playing in the "birthing tub."We are [...]

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Magnesium During Pregnancy

At my last appointment with my midwife she suggested taking Magnesium to reduce leg cramps (charlie horses)and restlessness during the night. Trusting her I got a bottle of supplements, came home and did some "research."To my surprise there is tons of info on Magnesium and Calcium during pregnancy. The added benefits by far out weigh the possible side effects. In fact, it seems more logical to think that it is more of a danger not [...]

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Welcome Home Daddy!

The kids had been preparing all day for daddy's welcome home celebration. Last night marked the last day of 4 weeks and three days of travel (although he was home on most weekends)all over Oregon & Washington to visit his offices. This time of year is hard for us all, but in order for his people to succeed it is the small sacrifice we have to make.Yeah! Daddy is home now!Kelsey made daddy a cake [...]

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We Have Sprouts!

This year I was seriously contemplating whether or not to do the whole produce garden thing this year. When my back went out (herniated bulging disk) in December, I thought there is no way... I can't bend... good luck gardening. Well God has been faithful to answer many peoples prayers and my desperate cries for healing and I no longer have a herniated disk.My kids loved eating the fresh veggies during the summer months and [...]

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Glass Baby Bottles are Coming Back

A few days ago a family friend mentioned to me the recent info on plastic bottles, plates and pretty much anything you use in the kitchen or to eat with. She said that she had heard a news bulletin a while ago about certain plastics about to be recalled (stuff marked w/ #1, #6, & #7). As our discussion progressed she mentioned baby bottles. I thought to myself, "Oh, I am so glad I nurse [...]

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He’s Five!

This year we are trying something new. We decided to do one big family birthday party for the kids in the middle of the summer so it is easier for family members who are far away to make it to "every one's party." It is a lot easier on mommy too; especially since there are going to be (baby arriving in June sometime) five birthdays between May and August. My third born, Megan was born [...]

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of You!This morning as I got up @ 4:50 am... with a sick 19 month old and tried to comfort him in his pain of an upset stomach and such, I realized something. Well I didn't realize it until about a half hour ago. I feel the Holy Spirit challenging me even at this moment as I share my struggle with you. We as moms have a very special role [...]

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"Reluctant Chicks"

Well the time has come and gone... and with much success the chicks are now acclimated to their new and improved (thanks honey) chicken coop! The weekend before last was our first attempt at getting the chicks outside. What a fiasco! You should have seen us! Or rather me... I spent a good 45 minutes, at least, "chasing" and I do mean chasing those chicks around the hen house trying to gather them up and [...]

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Comfortable in the Water… Finally

Austin is our second son. He is about to turn five in about 2 weeks and over the course of his life he has been the more timid as well as introverted one of all the kids. He is the sweetest boy! Obeys immediately (most of the time), has the heart to please and has such a compassionate and empathetic heart. I have wanted to dedicate a post to him for a while now and [...]

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